Apple Tree Partners: $1.67 billion dedicated to building healthcare businesses.

We are Apple Tree Partners (ATP), a venture capital firm that invests in pharmaceuticals, biotech, medtech, and healthcare services. Founded in 1999, with a history of well-known successes, we closed our current capital pool of $1.5 billion in 2012 and are actively funding healthcare innovation.

We start companies, or invest in existing companies, with commitments as high as $250 million; in this sense, we scale to the buy-out or growth equity level. But we take the long view, both as a matter of principle and for value creation. An ATP company may choose to sell in an M&A transaction, but only if the price is right, or may access the public markets, but only if advantageous to do so. This means our managers can build with confidence, knowing that we are funding them to grow and develop their businesses.

We are headquartered in New York City, with satellite offices in Princeton, NJ, Cambridge, MA, and Los Altos, CA.