Marengo Therapeutics Announces First Drug Candidate Nomination from Oncology Collaboration with Ipsen


A novel TCR Vβ bifunctional selective T cell activator molecule for solid tumor treatment

Marengo to receive an associated milestone payment and eligible for additional future milestone payments, and tiered royalties

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Marengo Therapeutics, Inc, a clinical-stage biotech company pioneering a new way to activate T cells that target the Vβ chain of the T cell receptor (TCR) and select the right T cell subsets against cancer, today announced that Ipsen (Euronext: IPN; ADR: IPSEY) has nominated the first clinical drug candidate (DC) of two from its multi-year strategic partnership in oncology.

This clinical candidate reflects a productive collaboration since the strategic partnership was signed in August 2022. Marengo and Ipsen plan to advance the program through IND-enabling studies and into clinical development. This nomination represents the first of two selective T cell activation repertoire (STAR) T cell bi-functional activator programs that Marengo and Ipsen will advance as part of the collaboration.

"The DC nomination is a testament to our close partnership with Ipsen and to the expertise and dedication of Marengo's R&D team," said Zhen Su, M.D., MBA, Chief Executive Officer of Marengo. "It underscores the potential of our STAR TCR Vβ T cell activator platform to deliver a range of first-in-class precision T cell bispecific antibodies for the treatment of refractory solid tumors. We look forward to the next phase of the collaboration as we work to advance treatment options for patients living with cancer."

Under the terms of the agreement, Marengo will receive a milestone payment for this pre-defined pre-clinical milestone. Marengo is leading the research and preclinical development efforts while Ipsen will assume responsibilities for regulatory submissions, clinical development and commercialization.

About Marengo Therapeutics

Marengo Therapeutics, Inc, a clinical-stage biotech company, develops novel TCR-targeting antibodies that selectively modulate common and disease-specific T cell subsets of the germline TCR repertoire to provide lifelong protection against cancer and other diseases. With a passionate team of dedicated scientists experienced in immunology and oncology, Marengo's proprietary Selective T Cell Activation Repertoire (STAR) platform leverages an extensive biological understanding of T cell function and receptor signaling to create a world in which everyone's immune system can defeat cancer. To learn more, visit

About STAR™ Platform

Marengo's STAR™ Platform is a multi-specific antibody-fusion platform derived from Marengo's proprietary library of antibodies targeting germline-encoded variable (V)β regions of the TCR fused to different T cell co-stimulatory moieties. Combining a novel non-clonal mode of TCR activation with a T cell co-stimulator in the same molecule, promotes a distinct mechanism of action that promotes durable anti-tumor Vβ T cell responses.