Galvanize Therapeutics Announces First Human Use of QuickShot: A Novel Contact-Sensing, Large Area, Focal Pulsed Electric Field Mapping and Ablation Catheter


REDWOOD CITY, Calif.March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Galvanize Therapeutics, Inc. today announced the first human investigational use of its large-area, focal, Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) ablation catheter called QuickShot in the QuickShot PEF-AF clinical study. Compatible with the CE Marked CENTAURI Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) System, QuickShot offers mapping through a marketed electroanatomical mapping system and ablation in a single catheter. The system features a proprietary contact-sensing algorithm, enabling the physician to ensure the tissue contact required for optimal lesion creation.

QuickShot, paired with CENTAURI, has several unique features:

  • Proprietary waveform that allows PEF ablation without microbubble formation and muscle contraction so that procedures may be performed under conscious sedation according to physician preference
  • A large ablation zone, allowing for 10 mm lesion tags
  • Deep lesion creation, negating the need for radiofrequency energy
  • A contact sensing algorithm
  • Compatibility with standard 8.5 French, commercially-available sheaths
  • High quality map creation eliminating the need for additional high-density mapping catheters in most procedures

Dr. Ante Anić, MD, Electrophysiology Laboratory Director at University Clinical Hospital in Split, Croatia, who treated the first patients worldwide with QuickShot, commented: "This week's procedures enabled me to create custom lesion sets for my patients according to their individual anatomy, with both precision and speed. It took just 5 minutes to isolate each pulmonary vein pair. Having worked with the Galvanize team to develop this second-generation, large focal, PEF catheter over the last 2 years, it fits perfectly into the electrophysiologist's toolbox as a workhorse catheter with a mapping system that is already installed in my lab. With Quickshot, we are one step closer to a complete PEF portfolio that can potentially replace the thermal modalities."

"We are thrilled to bring QuickShot to the clinic, especially on the heels of just completing our 500th case with CENTAURI at the 25 installed hospitals in Europe," said Jonathan Waldstreicher, MD, CEO of Galvanize. He continued: "Our team's expertise lies in customizing monopolar PEF energy to a variety of electrodes, so with our first internally designed cardiac ablation catheter, we aimed to give physicians flexibility and ease of use combined with the predictability and safety of PEF energy in the standard mapping and ablation workflow. The catheter creates deep enough PEF lesions such that radiofrequency energy is not needed while avoiding muscle stimulation, which oftens necessitates the use of paralytic agents administered by anesthesia staff. We look forward to confirming the quality of the therapy with the gold-standard 90-day remaps to confirm pulmonary vein isolation in the coming weeks."

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