Nereid Therapeutics Co-Founder Clifford Brangwynne Awarded 2023 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences


Clifford Brangwynne, Ph.D., co-founder of Nereid Therapeutics and chair of Nereid’s Scientific Advisory Board, today was announced as a recipient of the 2023 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for his pioneering discovery and elucidation of liquid phase separation within living cells. This work by Brangwynne is foundational to the new and growing field of biomolecular condensate science and central to Nereid’s approach to drug discovery and development.

Often called “the Oscars of Science,” the Breakthrough Prize is the world’s most generous science prize. Created in 2013 by Art Levinson, Sergey Brin, Anne Wojcicki, Yuri Milner, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences celebrates transformative advances in science and acknowledges excellence in research aimed at curing intractable diseases and extending human life.

Brangwynne, who is a professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton University, shares the 2023 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences with his former postdoctoral advisor and collaborator Anthony Hyman, Ph.D.

“It is profoundly meaningful to all of us at Nereid to see Cliff’s significant contributions to biology, chemistry, and physics recognized with the Breakthrough Prize,” said Spiros Liras, Ph.D., acting CEO of Nereid Therapeutics and a venture partner at ATP, the life sciences venture capital firm that co-founded Nereid. “Cliff is committed to the success of Nereid, and as our key advisor, he brings an infectious passion to every interaction with our team. We congratulate him on this tremendous honor, and we are excited to continue advancing our productive work to translate new insights and tools in biomolecular condensates into new ways to view and treat diseases.”

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