ATP Forms ATP V With $1 Billion in New Capital Commitments


December 7, 2020 -- ATP today announces the formation of ATP V with $1 billion in committed capital, bringing the total capital the firm has raised to $2.65 billion.  The strategy for deploying ATP V aligns with the core strategy of ATP: founding and developing life sciences companies, working with a best-in-class team of venture partners and EIRs, and investing from seed-stage through IPO and beyond.

Using ATP V, ATP so far has founded five new companies financed with major, solo-led Series A rounds, adding to the firm’s portfolio of breakthrough translational deals.  These new companies are Nereid Therapeutics, Nine Square Therapeutics, and three deals operating in stealth mode.

“I am grateful for the extended commitment from our existing investors,” said Seth Harrison, M.D., founder and managing partner of ATP.  “Our vision is to blend pharmaceutical research and development with venture capital entrepreneurship, working with one of the best translational teams in the world.  We believe we are in the vanguard in the way we are committing capital and chaperoning our companies to success, both in the US and in other markets. I started in venture in 1991, and founded ATP in 1999, and I have never seen as much exciting potential in the life sciences as I do today.  With ATP V, we are looking forward to continuing to do what we do best: founding and building research-driven enterprises that improve human lives.”

To date, ATP has launched or invested in over 30 transformative companies focused on delivering cutting-edge therapies for unmet medical needs, out of which 19 have gone public or been acquired.  ATP portfolio companies that have recently gone public include Chinook Therapeutics (KDNY), Akero Therapeutics (AKRO), and Stoke Therapeutics (STOK).  ATP portfolio companies that have recently been acquired include Corvidia Therapeutics (Novo Nordisk), Syntimmune (Alexion), and Tusker Medical (Smith+Nephew).

About ATP

Founded in 1999, ATP is a leader in life sciences venture capital, with $2.65 billion in committed capital and offices in New York, London, San Francisco, and Cambridge, MA.  ATP creates companies starting at various stages, from pre-IP ideas to asset spinouts, investing in them from seed stage through IPO and beyond.  The core of ATP’s strategy is to provide flexible capital and access to a world-class team of venture partners and EIRs, to build sustainable, research-driven enterprises that improve human lives.  For more information, visit


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